We like to venture.
In all directions.

We build and launch our own ventures, but we also work with founders and companies to transform good ideas into great products and services.

Our combined experience within designing and building high quality digital products that people love, our team knows what it takes to launch successful and disruptive products.

We also know what common pit-falls most startups are facing, like how hard and time consuming it is to find the right team and keep the necessary speed when building their product. We already have a complete team ready to take your product from idea to prototype and beyond. Combining heavy technical expertise within software development with a relentless focus on product design and user experience makes us capable of building unique products quickly.

In addition to our own team we offer an external network of experts that includes some of the world’s top founders, investors and advisors. A valuable resource to tap into when scaling or getting funding for your business.

And to be honest; we use them a lot as well.

We are constantly working on our own ventures within Evolve, and putting a lot of energy into every project. So we are always hitting the ground running in every possible way – without losing control or our cool. Our combined experience together with our will to always evolve makes great stuff happen.

Our own ventures


If we come up with an idea that we really believe in; we form a new company based solely on just that idea. And then we get to work by designing, building and funding it into a product. Then it’s time to hire a new team that brings it out into the world.


Equity or royalty-based

We do love a good partnership that creates stunning new products and services or improve existing ones. Or the launch of a completely new business with the help of outside equity and royalty based partnerships.


Seed and early stage

When we come across a startup that we like and believe in, we make an investment. But it’s more than just the money; we act as an active hands-on investor and want to work closely with the product and it’s strategy.

Have the next great idea?

Let us help you create new products and services or improve existing products.

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