Dear Friends,

You live in Stockholm, and you should have at least three years of experience. Sales can be a rough journey and you know that persistence is an appreciated trait, and the only way to succeed is to get back up again.

Evolve is a hybrid between a IT consultancy company and an investment company. Two years ago we embarked on a mission to create a lasting positive impact on the world through awesome software solutions and products. We do this as consultants, through partnerships with startups and even with our own ventures. We’ve had a tremendous growth since our beginning and are now 50 colleagues.

We only hire highly skilled individuals. The majority of the people working at Evolve have years of professional experience. But we have also learned that it’s not just about the that; it’s about who you are and what value you bring to the table. When we are looking for a new colleague we look beyond previous experience. Since our top priority is our culture it’s equally important with the right mindset and personality. At Evolve we are strong believers in human equality. For us, diversity is more than just being willing to hire and work with everyone. It’s about accepting, celebrating and valuing all persons, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age etc. We value you just as you are!

We look for passionate people that are always striving to improve - people that are street smart, who always find a way to solve the problem at hand. It’s about seeing what value we can actually create and not get stuck in the details. You are a creative person, who always sees opportunities in every situation and loves to create long lasting relationships.

You live in Stockholm, and you know by experience that sales can be a rough journey. You know that persistence is an appreciated trait, and the only way to succeed is to get back up again. You understand and live the importance of business/sales and of course you are a solution-oriented person who always works proactively and like to work towards goals.

You will work tight with our amazing team in Gothenburg and you will develop new client relations in Stockholm. You will manage your own customer base. You will together with us continue create a winning strategy by identifying opportunities, and of course the most important thing, closing the deals

You have a proven track record in sales, a strong work ethics and are truly passionate about building relations.

The journey we are on is not on a simple path. To achieve our goals we need to push ourselves and by not accepting status quo we get one step closer to our goals. If you’re not the one we’re looking for, please feel free to share this with someone that you think would fit the role by sending an email or give us a call.

So, are you ready to take the leap and Evolve? Contact us now!

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