We are Evolve

Our passion pushes
teams and projects forward

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To begin with, our name sort of speaks for itself, regarding our basic philosophy. And we are proud to maintain a culture where everybody fits in and has a voice.

We are a software company. And an investment company. Also consultants. And strategists. But we’ve managed to put the best of everything above into a hybrid that stands firm and ready for whatever challenge we come across. We invest in good people, good ideas and long lasting relationships that gives a positive impact.
That’s how we evolve.

Last – but definitely not least – we’re in this for the long run. The time of burning people out (and away) is as far as we are concerned long gone.

We’ve already touched it a bit, but our culture is the single most important part of us. Everyone has a voice, and everyone is always encouraged to use it. That’s something we hold high and value. A lot. We want to act and adapt after the individual and form new ways of thinking and be passionate about changes, new directions and feel a strong togetherness reaching and pursuing dreams, goals and new standards. And all of the above gives us the collective culture – and knowledge about one another – that flattens hierarchies and paves the way towards great work for all involved.

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We all come from a supportive culture, in all aspects, that shares knowledge, experience and common sense. When working with Evolve you get the whole package of our collective knowledge and, dare we say, wisdom. All of our backgrounds may vary regarding education, previous professions, gender and age. And that’s our strength. We can put a team together that matches any project, and benefits both of us in the end.

Our knowledge will help you with incremental improvements that makes your software and product more flexible, erase the sticking points and make your business grow. We have experience delivering quality code and working features to software systems of all sizes. We help you to meet demands, develop workflows, scale, grow user base and increase the overall efficiency.

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